Overview of The Firm

Personal Solutions For Business


Quality, confidence and expertise create the trust and personal attention needed for a successful relationship between professional firm and client. We proudly adhere to these principles, all of which are integrated into our services.

Our aim is to provide our clients with an innovative, modern, dynamic and progressive approach, which fully reflects today's commercial values and environment.

We have discarded outdated approaches and created strong relationships with our clients. All of our staff are open-minded and thoroughly committed to providing clients with top-quality service, delivered with expertise and confidence born  of  experience.

Our approach is based on teamwork, both within the firm and with clients. Our goal is to develop through contributing to the development of our clients.

To ensure this mutual development, we focus on our client's success, which is guaranteed through our dynamism, expertise, imagination and innovative approach. We cater to any need for auditing, financial, accounting, taxation and other consultancy advice.

Our Firm

The Prime Audit Ltd practice was set up in order to satisfy growing demand in Greece for professional accounting, auditing, tax advice and management consultancy. Our broad range of experience, combined with high quality personnel, allows us to handle any assignment successfully. The firm employs quality work standard procedures which are fully adhered to International Audit Standards and implements International Accounting Standards. We are auditors to listed companies and international referral work can be executed to expected degree and timely. Our clients range from industrial to commercial companies, services (software, market research etc), hotels, shipping, insurance companies, local authority audits (municipalities, local council business), local transport companies, court of justice investigations etc. We can serve you both locally and internationally trough our international organisation KRESTON INTERNATIONAL.

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