We cater for Personal Solutions For Business

We offer the full range of professional services.Before giving you a detailed list of these services, we would like to stress our creative approach to our work. For instance, our audit work, apart from fulfilling the imposed legal requirements, will also advise you about any structural defects, areas which need more attention, profitability of certain activities, follow up day-to-day running of the business, and will suggest immediate solutions where needed.


  • Our auditing approach is tailored to meet both local law and international requirements.

  • Special audit assignments are carried out following specific instructions.

  • The work is constructed in such a way as to be cost effective,  productive and within all the requisite procedures.

  • Our audit services include statutory  and optional audits, special audit investigations and due diligence reports.  

Statutory Audits

Statutory audits are those audits which are required by statutory law. Our audit approach is considered as one of the most valuable management tools at your disposal, one able to yield considerable benefits in all areas of your operations. This is because our business audit techniques, as well as fulfilling the legal requirements imposed upon your company, also lay bare a wealth of information about its day-to day activities.

PRIME AUDIT LTD creative and positive audit approach, is tailored to meet your company’s specific needs and is constructed in such a way as to be cost effective and productive. Therefore, our creative and positive approach does mean that we are ideally placed to take a broad view of your company and its opportunities, and then offer you the best possible advice for realising its full potential.

Optional Audits

Optional Audits are those audits which are required by knowledgeable credit grantors and other users of a company’s financial statements, prefer of even insist upon an audited financial report since it provides them with the report level of assurance regarding the fairness of the financial information.

Even if the users of the financial statements do not request an audited report, owners and managers generally prefer an audit since it provides them with a high degree of assurance that their own accounting staff is presenting them with accurate financial information on which to base future business decision. Also, is a mean to see the company’s established procedures are followed up by its personnel.


Audit Investigations are specific audit assignments which may be demanded by a regulatory authority, the shareholders or the court.

Audit Investigations could be attributed to a fraud situation, conflicts among the shareholders or court requirements for proof of the accounting records.

Mergers and Acquisitions

An audit is carried out in order to establish the net worth of an entity which is either the subject of a take over of a merge. Upon acquisition of reliable figures the business evaluation can be based on real figures thus avoiding the possibility of a gross miscalculation.


 The accounting services provided can be summarised as follows:

  • Computerised keeping of accounting records.

  • Computerised payroll.

  • Organisation of accounting  departments.

  • Preparation of financial statements.

  • Supervision and technical assistance to accounts departments.

Labour & Social Security Law

These services are complementary to the accounting services and our expertise can provide you with high quality service. We can encounter all Greek labour law complexities and advise you accordingly.  

  • Filing of personnel records with the Labour Department.

  • Registration of new employees with  Labour Exchange Bureau.

  • Calculation and filing of severance pay with the Labour Exchange Bureau.

  • Computation of payroll.

  • Audit of payroll.

  • Special audit for Social Security purposes to verify the accuracy and the proper calculation of social security contributions. This will avoid the Social Security Auditors to audit the company’s payroll records.

  • Filing of monthly social security contributions.

Company Secretarial Services

A confidential, speedy and well-organised company secretarial service is offered to relieve the burdens of management. We work flexibly to provide a personally tailored service to meet your needs, cost effectively and speedily.  

We can:

  • Form companies locally and abroad.

  • File annual returns.

  • Handle memos and/or articles of association changes.

  • Keep B.o.D. and A.G.M. minutes.

  • File legal changes with the registrar.

  • Submit and publish accounts.

  • Offer general company law advice.

  • Provide registered office facilities.


We offer a full range of taxation services to accommodate the complexities of Greek Taxation Law.

  • Annual income tax returns for companies.

  • Monthly V.A.T. returns and year-end final ones.

  • Bi-monthly tax withholding returns and year-end final ones.

  • Special income tax and V.A.T. reviews to protect you from future tax audit.

  • Commencement and cessation of business (tax wise).

  •  Tax incentives and tax planning.

  • Filing of various year end returns.

  • Tax settlements.

  • Capital Transfer taxes.

  • Tax consulting.

Information Technology

Information technology is today’s challenge to any innovative and progress-minded company.

We provide:

  • Feasibility studies.

  • Strategy studies.

  • Selection of equipment and hardware.

  • Implementation and management.

  • Security and audit.

  • Office automation and local area networks.

  • Systems and controls.

  • Audit of software to certify compatibility with law requirements and workability.

Human Resources

Your company requires suitable directors, managers and staff, who will ensure that your organisation reaps the benefits of the present business.

You can rely on us for:

  • Organisation structure.

  • Job evaluation.

  • Compensation and benefits.

  • Executive recruitment and selection.

  • Development and training.

  • Employee relations.

  • General labour law advice.

  • Drafting of employment contracts.

  • Drafting of free professionals contracts.

Business Management & Development

Business success can be developed through the capitalisation of day-to-day opportunities and the ability to overcome everyday challenges positively.

We can assist you to structure and implement:

  • Strategic planning.

  • Business organisation.

  • Financing.

  • Profitability analysis.

  • Operating and cash budgets.

  • Monthly reports specifically tailored to meet your needs.

  • Outside funding of the business.

Investment Projects

We believe that the value of our clients’ business depends on the positive net present value of their projects. Therefore our advice to our clients is to undertake positive new projects.

  • We can provide you with:

  • Feasibility studies.

  • Follow-up implementation of projects.

  • General advice on investment incentives and government grants.

The Next Step

If you have something to discuss with us, we would be very happy to arrange an initial meeting, free of charge and without obligation. We will assess your needs, explain how we can help and provide an estimate of the time and costs involved.